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Discover the excitement of inshore, offshore, and fly fishing excursions with Central NH Guides, where adventure meets affordability. Our transparent and competitive rates make it easy to embark on the fishing trip of your dreams in the stunning landscapes of New England and the Outer Banks (OBX). Whether you're drawn to the dynamic coastal waters or the serene freshwater realms, we offer a range of packages to suit your preferences. Navigate the rich inshore waters or venture offshore for a deep-sea thrill; alternatively, experience the tranquility of fly fishing in picturesque settings. Booking your fishing expedition is a seamless process through our user-friendly online platform, where you can explore detailed packages, select your preferred excursion, and secure your spot with ease. Central NH Guides ensures that your fishing adventure is not only exceptional but also accessible, inviting you to explore the diverse and exciting fishing opportunities awaiting you in New England and OBX.

Trip Information

Trips Are Scheduled Starting 4th Week Of May

Good to Know’s

  • A Guide will be assigned to your trip after booking

  • All Equipment & Gear Included

  • Final Payment Due Upon Arrival at Dock the day of your trip

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We work hard to keep our calendar updated. Our schedule is the most updated information so please book online. We will contact you after to make your trip as positive an experience as we can.


If you have questions or want to talk to someone further, feel free to contact us directly, click here for our contact us information.